mtMemory technique is a unique program that deals with brain management. As we all know, how intelligence is a criteria, by which any individual is identified. We help with our program to enhance brain intelligence. Memory technique enables all individuals to memorize, grasp, and recollect information received through any means vis-à-vis sound, text, numbers, action, feel or even imagination of any act. This program is offered to students and individuals above the age of 13.

This unique program is designed as introductory level and advance level where the former is provided by the academy absolutely FREE to all candidates, latter being a paid version. Memory Technique deals with development of brain to grasp faster and remember new matter of daily life. Advance level memory technique deals with enhancement of permanent memory. This program enables students to maximize the power of decision making and high level of intelligence.

nmNeural-Mathematics is a system which enables candidates to perform complex calculation in their mind without using any calculating machine. Neural-mathematics program rejuvenates the mental blocks and speed up calculating abilities in any individual. This course is divided in 2 parts, namely, Introductory and advance. The Introductory Maths Program is FREE for all candidates.

Neural-Mathematics includes basic but very important part of calculation used in daily life, like addition, subtraction multiplication and division. Students are surrounded by mathematics throughout their life but basic calculations are still under a loop of uncertainty. The program has various tips, tricks and technique regarding mathematical calculation which facilitate candidate to calculate faster.